Alzbeta’s work has culminated in an open studio showcasing her ideas, process, and progress. She used one of the older studios as her base, building an exhibition with a carefully constructed rusticism.


A projector was set up turning one of the built-in cupboards into a screen. A slideshow of photos from Alzbeta’s time in the gardens played on a loop, framed by hay and brambles.


Her desk gave the impression of a witch’s work top. Sketches, books, tools, plants were arranged around the mantelpiece and table. Even the giant spider that had terrorised the studios before dying of natural causes was displayed beside them.


All around the room, items that had been discovered in the garden were displayed. From bones and teeth to shards of pottery and pieces of stone. There was even an old lighter and a dead bee.

Work clothes were hung from the walls and windows, and amongst it, Alzbeta’s sketches were shown.

The night was incredibly successful, with the project gaining some interest and even some volunteers.


Alzbeta remains for another month to fulfill the following project;

Plant an Idea: The aim is to use research and design in order to extend the functionality and aesthetics of the gardens in preparation for planting. This will establish the two large terraced gardens for the inhabitants of Caylus to use.

This will be in partnership with her personal work, which will be realised through a portfolio of drawings, photographs, diagrams, text and any other related media which can serve as an archive of transferable ideas for other shared gardens.