A more reflective statement –  1st November, 2012.


A primary theme in my drawing practice is the drawn line as an
underlying structure, I am specifically interested in lines being both
formal delineations of space as well as an abstract structuring logic
to the world that we live in. For the last year I have been looking at
lines that are used for navigation, direction and orientation. As an
extension of these navigational projects I began my residency in
Caylus making a pocket sundial and sextant, I was interested in their
provisional ability to orient the self in space in relation to
networks of invisible lines.

Over the course of the residency, after taking some videos of the
sundial’s shadow, I became more interested in duration rather than
location. In relation to this meditation on duration I began thinking
about “reveries”: passing time, filling time, being lost in time. A
vague dreamy passing of hours mostly associated with romantic notions
in and of childhood: daisy chains, braiding, ribbons, the tying and
untying of knots and games like skipping rope and hopscotch, gestures
linked formally to points, lines and planes.

I was working with variations, counting, areas of play, being inside
or outside the line. I was thinking about how this might relate to the
studio as a place of play, a place of reverie and daydream where
points are slowly strung together to make a line, and the lines become
the structures by which we orient ourselves and move through space.

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