“How to negotiate a balance between an intellectual insight, spiritual practice and a deepening of craft and skill? How to make drawn lines a scaffolding of concepts and ideas? How to abandon the ambition to make something concrete and still embody the spirit within a drawing? How to be isolated and achieve community, include a tentacle within one’s work that could potentially touch the viewer? What is the place of sentimentality and stubbornness of a traditional technique within the contemporary art discourse?
Surrounded by the gently curved lines of the hills on the horizon, under the dot of the sun, hands deep in dirt. Where do the bells of the universe sound louder than in the gardens of a bucolic village in south western France? What is thirty days of hard physical and artistic work and how far forward or sideways could it propel me?”



This is artist in residence Alzbeta Wolfova’s project concept in her own words. She is an animation student who has also worked with printmaking. She wanted to work with the garden to create a final piece. Her aim is to create a garden within her drawings, bringing the outside in.
Balancing her creative endeavours with work in the garden, she plans to create a plan or guide for the garden that is aesthetic rather than utilitarian.
Examples of her previous work can be seen on her website at




Draw-international intern