After working with artist Boedi Widjaja from Singapore artist writer Altair Roelant from Australia worked with Angela Gooliaff from Canada. Their month together has begun to result in some interesting exchanges of ideas and approaches to each of their disciplines. Writing on the one hand and drawing on the other.
Altair’s search for a more ‘touchy feely’ prose, perhaps poetic in part, strives to reach out to a wider audience. Maybe it will communicate impression and insight about works of art which a more formal language can fog, confuse or even frustrate.
Altair’s close observation of these two artists while they work, continually developing and re-inventing ideas as they go along, has led her to a deeper understanding of various methodologies in much the same way as an anthropologist might gain insight into their research subjects.
Angela will make the drawings and ‘snail mail’ them to Altair who will compose texts which they say will ” form a synchronised critic/artist ‘text’ “. A language which is closer to creative action itself.