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Angela Gooliaff studies the process of creating new shapes via the repetition of recognizable biological forms, such as ants.

She is featured at present on ARTBOMB on line auction,

Have a look at her research and process.

My work at DRAWinternational is centred around the experience of plucking a bird for the first time, a pheasant. The awkwardness with which I completed this previously “routine” task, is the inspiration for a new drawing project. I’ve documented the process, and categorized and documented its trace—the feathers. I aim to describe the pheasant itself, as well as the action of plucking.
Relying primarily but not solely on the motion of plucking, I continue to work into the drawings using charcoal, eraser and graphite. I aim to merge the drawing process (the doing—faisant) with the subject matter (the pheasant—faisan).

Open studio presentation.

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