Fascinated by the architecture: the stones – the colour and the way they used to build houses in the village
Stunning blue skylines between houses
The crumpling farm houses in Caylus bear similarities between the villages I grew up in in Hong Kong. This residency has led me to consider going back to my home country to document the disappearing villages.

My work

Have always been interested in the changing landscape and the movement of people, they became the main subject for my work here.
Casting stone wall of my apartment
Recording sounds
Inspired by Bruno, started using rice paper and Chinese ink again, after not doing so for 2 years.


Often a drawing or a work of art in general is seen as a means of communication between the artist and the spectator, but my drawings are not conceived in that way.
The drawing is not trying to deliver any message, reach out to the world, or express my deepest emotions to an anonymous spectator. I am merely thinking out loud.
The end result of the drawing is not the drawing, but the endless possibilities of thought and conversation that may arise through it, and the excuse of gathering here and bringing people together.
Most of the drawings I have done in Caylus are landscapes. There are no actual physical places involved, but the conventions of the genre are an excellent environment for my purposes. It allows the eye to travel quietly within the boundaries of the canvas, fixating briefly on anecdotes and objects, but picking up all the details along the way. It also allows me to travel on the canvas with the brush and discover the landscape for myself, surprising myself. All the shapes, colors and object are symbols – not for concepts, words or ideas, but for processes, transformations and emotions. I am interested in a symbology of vibration and energy.