View from the garden in the spring

The idea behind Art House Caylus was to create a community garden. A place where people could grow and share their own produce. An aide to those on lower incomes, a chance to share knowledge and expertise. With the work being shared amongst those involved, with everyone getting something for their time.

In theory, it is simple. An exchange of time for goods. However, the original state of the garden made the practice a little more difficult. Rocks were moved, plants and trees cleared, and with time things progressed. From the start, the intent was to do things as ecologically as possible. Any rubble will be reincorporated into the garden, as much use as possible will be made of the existing features and plants. For this purpose, goats were used to clear the scrub and weeds that had grown up over the years of disuse.

For the garden itself, the plan is to grow as much sustainable fruit and veg as possible. Things that only need to be planted once, and re-flower and regrown year in year out, therefore getting maximum yield for minimum work. Already in the garden, there are several forms of fruit trees, which once tended, will flourish even more. Alongside this, there would naturally be a herb garden, for no practical garden would be complete without them. In addition to plants with culinary purposes, those with medicinal ones would also be incorporated.

This is a project which needs the help and support of the community. Whether in the form of time and physical assistance or expertise on anything from plants to construction. Any support would be more than welcome.