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My work at DRAWinternational is centred around the experience of plucking a bird for the first time, a pheasant. The awkwardness with which I completed this previously “routine” task, is the inspiration for a new drawing project. I’ve documented the process, and categorized and documented its trace—the feathers. I aim to describe the pheasant itself, as well as the action of plucking.
Relying primarily but not solely on the motion of plucking, I continue to work into the drawings using charcoal, eraser and graphite. I aim to merge the drawing process (the doing—faisant) with the subject matter (the pheasant—faisan).

Open studio presentation.

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Artists in residence Hannah Sarah James and Katie Belcher.

We worked alternately on the same wall for ten minutes each, for a total of an afternoon. With only ten minutes at a time to make a few marks, we didn’t have the opportunity to get too precious about the project. Neither of us had an idea of what the drawing would look like, instead allowing it to be built up naturally, out of our responses to each others’ sections.

Open studio event with the recent drawings of Anook Cléonne Visser.

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