Artist in Residence – DRAWinternational May 2014

A.I.R. DRAWinternational – JULIE PAYNE (AUS) October 2012

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What happens to a drawing when more traceless forms, such as the physical body and a notational kind of ‘point’, so to say, take place? 

Though many, the qualities of places within Caylus echo throughout the works I am exploring at DRAWinternational, during March 2015.

The works are actions mainly. They explore qualities of plaster-clad rooms, stoney impasses and street notations (dots, dashes and sequences).

Tape, lights, magnets, tracing paper, and electrical cables are some of the materials engaged through bodily weight and spatial lightness, shade and punctuation.

Such qualities – rather than the places themselves – draw upon, approach and briefly display, ‘the point’ as a conceptually inventive yet paradoxical – and in some ways immaterially impossible – trace.

Robert Luzar.

At last with the ‘know how’ from Agita Steinberga, our ERASMUS intern, the film is now on the blog.
This is now encouraging and perhaps more short films of artist’s activities and other events will flourish.

Now we have Agita Steinberga as our intern for this year, sponsored by ERASMUS, we can now begin to add more information to our website, blog and Facebook pages. Agita is a sculptor, and will work on her own projects and help with the arts administration of DRAWinternational.

Below is an example of her recent sculpture.

In the world of textiles, a drawing can only emerge after a selection of thread has been made. The material dictates the drawing – its texture, colour, transparency, pattern.
As a material, thread is a line, used to construct a surface

I am interested in the relationship between the thread and the hand-drawn line, the material and the human, the natural and the processed.

Walking through Caylus is how I’ve found inspiration for my work. Much of my work is inspired by nature. I see mainly lines, which create other lines, and lines between lines.
I explore the line and the physicality of the mark, capturing space where inside, outside, and in between are related.Walking also makes me think about different paths, and the paths I’ve taken while walking and while drawing. Things I take from the environment and give back to it. I explore the road in a similar way that I explore the line. I consider the direction, the speed, the weight, and the change on the surface.
Jesica Lewit (ARG)

The Shepherd’s House
What is considered as power and fame? What does it stand and mean to be the controller of the mass? This installation is about a commentary/thought on a ruler or a government in this society, which is controlled by deliberate information through mass-media. Mass hysteria as one of social problems has been my interest, and the installation in Caylus and my public project took place at the same time are a part of my research.
Tomie Seo (JAP)

My work is oriented toward links between music and image, and the exploration of abstract music through mathematical formulas as well as the historical reconstruction of the evolution of electronic music.

Jesica said she had a great time in Caylus and we were happy to have such a warm hearted and talented artist for a month. I wish it could have been a longer stay but work in London was beckoning. I hope we see her again and that she keeps in touch. It will be great to see the’ developments emerge during the next few months. A happy shot below with local chef Philippe Medal at the open studio event and Jesica’s studio.

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Tomie Seo (Japan)

Tomie completed her masters degree at the Royal College of Art, London in 2013 and spent August and September at DRAWinternational. Her work ranged from drawing on paper to mural drawings and installation with her skill and expression being warmly appreciated by visitors and residents alike.

We were very pleased to have Tomie as one of our artists in residence this summer and for her to use a derelict building recently purchased to work in. The new owner has been very generous in allowing us the use of the building. Now we are wondering, when he starts the renovation works in October, 2014 if he will leave the drawings for prosperity.

I will be watching the space and will record the events as they unfold.DSC_0029 DSC_0026

The regular evening meal in the terrace at DRAWinternational with from left to right:

Jesica Lewit, Chloé Bensahel, Aloïse McNorton, Bruno Patyn, Grete McNorton, Lien De Smet, Tomie Seo and Lin Chau.DSC_0033