In the world of textiles, a drawing can only emerge after a selection of thread has been made. The material dictates the drawing – its texture, colour, transparency, pattern.
As a material, thread is a line, used to construct a surface

I am interested in the relationship between the thread and the hand-drawn line, the material and the human, the natural and the processed.

Walking through Caylus is how I’ve found inspiration for my work. Much of my work is inspired by nature. I see mainly lines, which create other lines, and lines between lines.
I explore the line and the physicality of the mark, capturing space where inside, outside, and in between are related.Walking also makes me think about different paths, and the paths I’ve taken while walking and while drawing. Things I take from the environment and give back to it. I explore the road in a similar way that I explore the line. I consider the direction, the speed, the weight, and the change on the surface.
Jesica Lewit (ARG)

The Shepherd’s House
What is considered as power and fame? What does it stand and mean to be the controller of the mass? This installation is about a commentary/thought on a ruler or a government in this society, which is controlled by deliberate information through mass-media. Mass hysteria as one of social problems has been my interest, and the installation in Caylus and my public project took place at the same time are a part of my research.
Tomie Seo (JAP)

My work is oriented toward links between music and image, and the exploration of abstract music through mathematical formulas as well as the historical reconstruction of the evolution of electronic music.