My work is affected by the idea of meaning and purpose. I perceive the individual’s search for meaning as a creation process, a state of construction and maintenance. Perversely, I view the state of deterioration as an active loss of meaning.

In Caylus, I see the medieval buildings to be monuments in themselves as evidence of lives and populations that have existed previously. Some buildings are in a condition of development in which meaning is being maintained or recreated, while others are in a condition of decay in which meaning is being lost.

The imagery of the work that I have done at DRAWinternational consists of forms that reflect these modes of change. I did not want to represent these bodies as definitely  renovated or deteriorated; I wanted them to be captured in a state that is potential to both possibilities.

Installing my drawings around the Caylus area is an attempt at creating meaning as well. It changes the image, giving new meaning through the relationship between drawing, lighting, and its surrounding elements. It is a different way of seeing and of being seen. Ultimately it is a different way of existing.