My period in arthousecaylus has (again, as in 2010) been a very positive one. Helping me to sort out my thoughts, and to reflect upon my artistic whereabouts now in my drawings.

When I draw, my artistic process is stretched between two poles that are (sometimes) very conflicting. One pole is external and represents a sense of relationship/ interaction/ interplay between the depicted and the physical act of drawing. All happening on an intuitive level. The other pole is deeply anchored in my self, my position as an artist in society. For example, where should art be situated? Where should it stand as it arises from my metaphorical thinking?

Aiming to keep an open-minded approach throughout the entire drawing process, I relate equally to each of these ‘poles’ and to the conflict or tension they sometimes create.

I believe that dealing with this conflict between the imaginative and the stringent, strengthens an originality in my work.  At the same time as it presents an artistic workflow that allows reflective aspects to be embedded in the final drawing.

Caylus, 17-3-12

Anook Cléonne